Through this, we take the initiative to let us know before you, in order to offer our services to Property Management.

RE/MAX CENTRAL, S.A. It is a corporation incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Panama and duly registered Sheet: 543398 Document: 1,034,152, the Technological Information System Public Registry of Panama.

RE/MAX CENTRAL, S.A. It is a real estate company with legal license number PJ-0656-8, issued by the Technical Board of Real Estate since 2006.

The name RE/MAX is positioned in the world market as one of the best real estate companies recognition and reputation for their vast experience and knowledge, by its trained staff and its high level of customer service. The trajectory of RE/MAXis 40 years, with offices in more than 85 countries and more than 140,000 agents.

When selecting RE/MAX CENTRAL, S.A. as Administrator of the Horizontal Property, Departmental Unit or home, you’re choosing a responsible and well qualified entity to manage everything related to the maintenance and control of these properties, which will be accountable and will keep their respective owners, and always ensure the best service to its residents.

Confident in our ability and knowledge to provide quality work with excellent results. All we need is to give us the opportunity to make a formal presentation of the terms we offer under our Property Management Program.