Our Property Management Team in Panama is made up of professionals who are experts in several fields that are essential to sustain an efficient administration. Among the skills of the company’s directors and the property management division, we have a graduate of the University of Florida in Business and Finance Administration with 30 years of experience; A graduate of the University of Florida in Electrical Engineering with 50 years of experience; A graduate of the University of Panama who is Certified Public Accountant and Comptroller with 37 years of experience; And other personnel dedicated to the attention of the client, and licensed professionals  to handle repair jobs for air conditioning, masonry, locksmith, cabinetmaking, electricity, gardening, cleaning, painting, plumbing, and others.

RE/MAX CENTRAL, S.A. manages a variety of Single Units (Apartments, Condominiums, Houses, Offices and Commercial Spaces) and Horizontal Properties (Buildings) located in the city of Panama.

When selecting RE/MAX CENTRAL, S.A. as your Property Manager, you will be choosing a responsible and well-qualified company to handle everything related to the maintenance and control of the property, which will always ensure the best care of the property and provide the best service to both the owners and residents, and that will keep you completely informed with clear monthly reports.

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We rely on our ability and knowledge to provide quality work with excellent results. All we need is for you to give us the opportunity to make a formal presentation of the terms we offer under our Property Management Program.